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I am really glad I got cancer.

That might seem like a radical, even stupid, thing to say. So let me explain.

My life was outwardly good. But it wasn’t great. And on the inside, there was a gnawing, and growing, sense of dissatisfaction with life. I had got stuck in the daily grind of the big city rat race, working really hard for a life I didn’t really, deep-down, actually want. Life that had started out as this great adventure in my twenties, had become a bit of a disappointment, really. I was on an endless hamster wheel of daily grind, living to work, working to pay the bills.

Cancer was my wake-up call, that big kick-in-the-butt that I needed to realise that something had to change.

Actually, it wasn’t the cancer itself that was the problem. That was well and truly dealt with through nine months of gruelling treatment. It wasn’t even the side effects of the treatment that were the problem, though they were many, and torturous.

The real battle began long after the end of the cancer treatment. It is a battle fought by most people who have had cancer – and many people who haven’t.

Two years after my diagnosis, and fifteen months after the end of my cancer treatment, I felt old before my time. I was fat. I had lost my long, brunette locks, replaced by short, wiry, grey ‘old lady hair’. I was very unfit, and completely lacking in energy or motivation. I thought my best days were behind me and it was all downhill from here. I was cancer-free, but it came at a price. I felt the furthest away from beautiful than I had ever been in my life. But there came a time when the worst of the post-cancer puffiness and weight gain started to subside, and I began to regain just a bit more energy. It was subtle, but the green shoots of recovery just started to appear.

That was when I had my epiphany. If I didn’t take control of this brief window of opportunity to radically transform my body and my life, then the cancer would be a huge step change in my life – in a downward direction. I determined that I was going to ride the wave of recovery, and really push the envelope to end up more beautiful, more sexy, more healthy, more energetic, more motivated and just plain happier and more satisfied with life after cancer than I was even before the cancer.  I realised that if I didn’t end up better off after cancer than I was before it, that the whole miserable ordeal would have been for nothing.  Except to have robbed me of two years of my life.  That realisation kick-started my midlife transformation.

It worked.

I used my midlife transformation to lose a whole lot of weight, get fit and strong again, eat a whole lot healthier, dramatically boost my energy, vitality, mood and motivation for life, rediscover my dreams, make some exciting new plans and some major life changes, and enjoy a few new adventures.

And now I want to share my story for others who, like me, are stuck in a life which is just blah – or worse. And I will give you the tools to do with your midlife crisis (or just your ordinary, boring life) what I did with mine – transform it into a midlife opportunity for an exciting new chapter of living life to the full!

This website is my story. I have written it to give you, my reader, a bit of inspiration to kick start your own life transformation, and to rediscover your dreams, passions, vitality, personality and sense of adventure.

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Carpe Diem!



Rediscovering my sense of fun and adventure at Farnborough Airshow, July 2016, with my favourite plan – a WWII Spitfire!


A great achievement!  Handing in my MSc (Middle East Politics) dissertation at Birkbeck University, September 2016 (I got a distinction, BTW!)


In the hot, hot town of Eilat, Israel, just after my adventurous morning skydive, discovering an appropriate slogan on a hotel wall overlooking the beach!


And last, but not least, the Middle East skydive!  Jumping from 11,000 feet over Eilat, Israel, on the Red Sea, with glorious aerial views of Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Israel!



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