Feeling very proud of myself today!


So today I handed in my Masters dissertation, completing a two year Master of Science degree in Middle East Politics.  And everyone has asked me if I feel relieved and glad its over.  The answer is no.  I feel very proud of myself for having decided on something I really wanted to do, just for myself, out of pure interest, with no career move in mind, but just to stretch myself and achieve something meaningful and really stimulating.  And I did it.  And because it was something I was really motivated to do for myself, with no other motive, it didn’t really feel like work.  This degree is one I enrolled in just before I was diagnosed with cancer.  I had to postpone the start of studies for a year while I went through nine months of grueling treatment.  I started evening classes on top of a full time job whilst I was still fat, frumpy, unfit and working my way through ‘chemo-brain’.   But I was motivated.  I loved the classes, I loved learning.  My dissertation was a subject I have had a lifelong interest in, and now that it is finished I almost don’t know what to do with myself.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  And now I will need to find a new challenge (which shouldn’t be hard.  I have a bucket list long enough to fill several lifetimes!).  I guess the lesson I would share with you is that when you really tap into the person you are deep down inside, and align your life to let the real you out, the easier it is to be motivated to do whatever you have set yourself to do.  If you don’t get up in the morning looking forward to what you have to do today, then what you’re doing is not enabling you to live authentically, to be true to who you are.  So do whatever you have to do to change your life around to live your purpose, and then you will be living a life you love!  You’re worth it!

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