4 Things I did to turbo-charge my weight loss


I piled on the pounds after my cancer treatment. Chemotherapy gave me a lot of fluid retention, and I went from a size 12 to a size 14, but months later, just as the fluid retention was going down and I thought I was getting back to my pre-cancer state of ‘normal’, I suddenly ballooned from a size 14 to a size 18! Once I hit 18, I decided enough was enough, and I kick-started my whole life transformation. In the space of ten months, I went from a size 18 to a fighting fit size 10 – the slimmest I have been in nearly fifteen years! And the best part is that I did it without even trying to lose weight! So how did I do it? On reflection, there are 4 things I did to transform my body:

  1. I decided to get fit and healthy


In other words, losing weight was not the objective, just a fringe benefit. As part of my midlife transformation (see my ebook “How to have a mid-life crisis”) I rediscovered my ideal lifestyle type – I am a natural adventurer, explorer, active, outdoorsy, speed-freak type. Getting back to this kind of lifestyle was my motivation for getting a body that would equip me to live life to the full. Defining my ideal lifestyle was the ultimate motivation for my physical transformation, so that it wouldn’t become just another New Year’s resolution I couldn’t stick to. The ultimate secret to successful weight loss is to be appropriately motivated for a better life.

2. I went vegan


Cutting out animal products completely – especially dairy – was the one step I took that saw the most dramatic, immediate effects. I literally watched the weight disappear before my eyes. At one point, I bought a new pair of jeans, which I could just manage to get done up. Ten days later they were too big to wear. Going vegan also had the surprising side effect of making me feel fantastically energetic, youthful, optimistic and motivated! Being vegan doesn’t mean missing out on vital nutrition if you eat a balanced diet including leafy veg for calcium and legumes (including soy) for protein.

3. I got a personal trainer


I started jogging, and after weeks of not seeing any tangible difference, and then giving myself a stress-fracture, I decided to call in the experts. My trainer really got behind my transformation and tailored an exercise regime based on strength-building, which really sculpted my shrinking body into a tight core and a more muscular physique. I realised how much all those lunges and squats and push-ups that I used to hate are actually key to getting the body you want. Cardio alone just won’t do it. Strength training also got rid of my cellulite thighs more effectively than anything else I have ever tried.

4. I bought a water bottle


Sounds pretty simple, right? Just having a water bottle that I carried around with me everywhere meant that I was suddenly drinking a whole lot more than ever before, and also replacing those sweet take-away coffees with something much healthier and more hydrating.


So there you have it. Those four things turbo-charged my weight loss, and gave me the body in my 40s that I had in my 20s – fit, energetic, and motivated to live life to the full!


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