How to have a Mid-Life Crisis


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If you won the lottery tomorrow, would you quit your job and change your whole life? If the answer is yes, perhaps it’s not the lack of lottery winnings that is the problem.

Nearly three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two years after my cancer diagnosis, with the cancer completely gone and the treatment behind me, I discovered a whole new battle – a more subtle, insidious one – one that affects most people who have had cancer, and many people who haven’t. The battle was against a mediocre, passionless life, stuck in a rut, just working to pay the bills, feeling fat, frumpy and old, dissatisfied with my looks and my life, and not finding much to get excited about. I was in a cancer-induced mid-life crisis.

Nine months ago I realised that I had to do something radical to turn my life around. I realised I wasn’t satisfied just to return to the pre-cancer status quo. I made the radical decision to tackle my mid-life crisis head on, and launch myself into a whole life transformation, starting with my cancer-ravaged body. I went vegan, joined a gym, got a personal trainer, changed my whole wardrobe, my hair, and my makeup. In the process, I went from a size 18 to a size 10. I have gained shedloads of energy and motivation for life, and I am well underway transforming other areas of my life. I have made some major life changes, and I have more plans I am really excited about!

I have learned a lot of lessons about how to have a mid-life crisis – lessons I will be sharing with you in future blogs. Today, I want to share the one big secret to a successful mid-life crisis.

Anyone can change their hair, buy some new clothes, go on a diet. But how do you prevent your good intentions, like diet and fitness, from becoming just another set of resolutions you can’t keep?

And anyone can quit their job, buy a Harley Davidson, and trade in their partner for a newer model. But how do you prevent your mid-life crisis from spiralling into a serious of impulsive, dangerous and hurtful life choices?

I discovered that the secret is authenticity. The reason I was dissatisfied with my life, is that I was living a life I didn’t really, deep down, actually want.

I thought about the kind of life I had always dreamed about when I was young. The kind of home I would have, the kind of travels and adventures I would enjoy, the kind of job I would have, the things I would do to make a difference in the world. And I realised that the life I was living just didn’t fulfil any of my dreams.

My life was pretty good. There was nothing seriously amiss that made me realise things had to change. Until the cancer.

I have given a lot of thought to what it is that brings me a sense of real satisfaction with life, and in the process I have discovered what my core values are. These are the values that really get me excited, and keep me motivated to make real, lasting, fundamental, positive change. For me, they are values like adventure, exploration, discovery, personal development, freedom, independence.

Knowing my core values means that I have been able to design a life that fulfils those values. My lifestyle is now a much more authentic expression of who I am.

In future blogs, I will be sharing with you, my reader, all the secrets I have discovered, as well as the tips, principles and practical tools I have developed along the way, so that you too can discover who you really are, deep down, and transform your own life to be authentically you, for a happier, more fulfilled and more worthwhile life.

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